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Congratulations on taking the first step toward better health through natural living and by putting nature back into your health decisions. We believe that vibrant health is attained by healthy living, eating whole natural foods, exercising, eliminating environmental contaminants from your life, encouraging positive thoughts and feelings, using safe natural vitamins and supplements, and employing natural therapies such as acupuncture and hydrotherapy.

Dr. Kristie Ferreira, founder of NorthStar Natural is skilled in the art and science of natural and preventative medicine. Our goal is to help people develop physical, mental and spiritual balance in their lives, and to feel and be their very best. Dr. Ferreira specializes in Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Environmental Medicine. Located in Guilford Connecticut, NorthStar Natural is committed to helping patients of all ages. We offer you the tools to rebuild your life and to maintain long-term health and happiness.

We engage in a personalized process with each of our patients and strive to treat the whole person and not just manage symptoms, but treat the cause of the symptoms. Dr. Ferreira will create a comprehensive treatment plan designed around each personís unique needs and lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you in our clinic. In this site you will see information about Naturopathic Medicine, Tradition Chinese Acupuncture, and Environmental Medicine. You will find links to web sites that can help you to achieve optimal health. Feel free to browse articles, links, and blogs to learn better ways of staying at the peak of health.

Real Pains, Real Results

"I suffered a shoulder injury which left me unable to even lift my arm without severe pain. I endured two years worth of various treatments by several doctors, to no avail. I finally turned to Dr. Ferreira, hoping she could help me with acupuncture. I noticed results after my very first visit. After several treatments, the pain was completely gone. I was able to throw a ball again and play with my dog. Now, an occasional visit is all I need to stay pain free and happy."
--Mr. Jean Bissonnette, Environmental Analyst

"I broke my back about a year ago as a result of a car accident. My back was surgically repaired but I have experienced great pain ever since. I saw many doctors for help and spent many thousands of dollars with no relief. At the urging of a friend I decided to visit Dr. Ferreira at NorthStar Natural Medicine. Dr. Ferreira used a combination of acupuncture, Chinese body work and an herbal remedy. After my first visit, the pain had subsided by 30% and I just felt emotionally better. After the second visit my pain was nearly gone. Many of my friends now tell me I am a different person. I visit Dr. Ferreira regularly and actually look forward to my visits with her."
--Registered Nurse Avon, CT

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